Jason Wawro

The communication of ideas, impersions, and feelings is intgeral to the human experience. As people, we seek meaning in our lives and look in many directions to helps us understand our world. Filmmaking is a special medium that provides an interpretation of the elements around us at a uniquely personal level. Filmmaking is often more than simply telling stories, this art form serves as a reflection of who we are as people where we are going and the challenges that we face in getting there. 

Every project is a unique opportunity to make a statement. However, with the ability to express ones self comes the responsibility of creating meaningful ideas, imperessions or feelings.

Since my start in 1994, I have strived to grow and hone this craft of filmmaking. The early years were spent working on visually marvelous music videos. Out of this early experimentation came collaborations with advertiesers and coreprate partners to use these visual skills to engage their target audience. This lead to a move into the sphere of narrative feature film and television production where the knowledge gained through working with ad agencies and record label video creatives gave me a distinct approach in dealing with traditional narrative structres. Today my efforts are focused on creating meaningful, intelegent, and thought provoking content that challenges the viewer to examine their own views on the world that surrounds us.


Featured, Donec Nec Justo, 2015
Winner, Fusce Odio Velit, 2014
Winner, Non Nisl at Mauris, 2014


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